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A bit about us

After sharing our fun online for a few years, we found that we couldn't share photos amongst similar minded friends without being bombarded!

We decided we wanted to build our own little community with verified members, so Share Our Fun was born!

Share Our Fun is a free, community based forum hidden behind closed doors. Each membership has to provide a verification photo and be manually approved before gaining access. This is to help ensure everyone is real!

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Share Our Fun is free to join and we would love you to join us. All we ask is that each new member completes the following form and submits a verification photo.

Got an invite code? If you have an invite code from another member, then you are able to skip this process and register right away on the forum.


Email: [email protected]

Application form

Please complete the following form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Note: Once your submission has been processed, all data and photos are deleted.
If you are a member of another well known (wink wink) site, please provide your username

A verification photo must: 1) Contain you and a piece of paper. The piece of paper must have “Share Our Fun” and your email address clearly written on it. 2) The photo must be a full body shot and can be either clothed or unclothed and may or may not contain your face.. 3) Each person that will appear on your profile must be visible in the photo e.g. If a couple, you must submit a photo of you both, not just the one person.